You might simply think that YouTube is a leisure site filled with videos to help pass the time, but to some it serves as a successful business venture. In fact, more and more business are using YouTube to help promote their product or service in creative and entertaining ways.

In its Fall/Winter 2011 campaign, Dermablend Professionals has generated viral buzz with its “Go Beyond The Cover” Campaign. In effort to promote its Leg and Body Tattoo Primer product, the brand features Rick Genest, also known as “Zombie Boy,” as he transitions from a natural look to the unveiling of his infamous tattoos. Check out the video-gone-viral below:

You might not be able to recruit a man famous for his zombie tattoos for your campaign, but you can use YouTube to your business’ advantage. Here’s how.

Have Realistic Expectations

Many businesses have high hopes of their videos becoming instant viral hits on the Internet. Though it’s great to be optimistic, it’s also important to be realistic. Every minute, 48 hours worth of video are uploaded to YouTube — that’s a lot of content! Focus more on reaching the right customers rather than trying to obtain a million views.

Invest In Ads

To increase your video’s chances of going viral, consider buying ads on YouTube. Ad rates on YouTube are relatively inexpensive in comparison to other companies such as AdWorks, offering a deal of only 50 cents per click. When investing in ads, make sure that the content is relevant to the search term, as Google bases ad position on relevance.

Use Feedback To Your Advantage

There are several ways to receive the proper feedback regarding your brand when a viral video hits the web. Make sure to check out the comments on YouTube found below your video. These comments serve as your very own focus group by offering your insight on your brand. Other components such as Hot SpotsGoogle Analytics and Unlisted Video will help present you with additional statistics regarding your audience.

Learn How to YouTube

If you are serious about using YouTube as a marketing platform, make sure to do your research. Spend time searching YouTube in order to discover what is considered “hot,” then generate your own fresh ideas.

Return On Investment

If you decided to market your brand via YouTube by creating viral content and investing in YouTube advertisements, you will want to know if your efforts are paying off. Make sure to analyze data in order to track your ROI. Creating an entertaining video is great, but it doesn’t mean much if customers aren’t being moved to purchase your product or service.

Discover Your Niche

Rather than focusing on creating a spectacular ad, position your brand as an authority in a particular field or a particular lifestyle. Then choose something interesting you want to highlight about the brand. Think outside of a traditional advertiser and get in the head of your consumer — what are they looking for? Create a connection between your brand and the consumer.

By taking these tips into consideration, you and your brand will discover a new market with the help of YouTube.