In the world of competitive media marketing, many companies operate under the mantra, “Go big or go home.” However, BIG is not necessarily Kia’s style. In fact, Kia is known for putting its all into the small.

The primary aesthetic feature of Kia vehicles is their miniature size. The company successfully catered to this feature in its popular Kia Soul hamster spot. In 2010, the spot grabbed the title of Most Effective Automotive Ad of the Year at the Nielsen Automotive Advertising Awards.

So how did Kia make another great promotional impact upon the recent release of the 2012 Picanto? It wentsmaller. Kia is now the first brand to create a stop-motion animation on the surface of fingernails.

Preparing for the production was no easy task. The team used a total of 1,200 bottles of nail polish and 900 fake nails. Over the course of 25 days and nights, Kia’s nail artists meticulously hand-decorated the nails one by one. Each nail painting took an estimated two hours to complete. Watch the detailed result below!

Uploaded on YouTube just three months ago, the video has accumulated nearly 4 million views. The brand geared the animation towards urban female viewers. The colors of the new Picanto are vibrant and fun, and they appeal to this female audience.

Clearly, Kia nailed it.

Kia’s marketing success comes from taking a unique feature of the product — size — and using it as a creative basis in ad campaigns. Like Kia, your company can also master the art of targeting a niche audience.

So ask yourself these questions: What is a unique feature of your product? What is your targeted demographic? How does this feature appeal to that demographic? The answers to these questions will help you form strategic objectives in creating your product’s next advertisement.