Foursquare made “getting out of the house” popular in 2010–now there’s a new kind of social media for TV junkies to check-in to.

This new wave of social media follows the same concept as Foursquare, except instead of using locations, they use television shows, movies, music and any other entertainment-based events to award points or badges to its users. Since cable is pretty much available anywhere, users are able to check-in to a single event at multiple locations, making it more convenient than ever! Here’s a list of the most popular entertainment-based social media sites:



GetGlue is at the forefront of this new social media craze–16 million people checked in during the Oscar’s on February 27. This site is all-encompassing: books, music, television, and movies are all included. You can get stickers based on what television shows your watching or music you listen to. It has a similar structure toFacebook in that a user can add friends. Another cool feature is the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” function, which you can use on any website to find music you like. The site is really convenient to use as well; there’s an iPhone and Android application!

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Miso recently made news when it landed a deal with the Oprah Winfrey Network. Like, GetGlue, Miso uses check-ins to award badges to its users. However, this website focuses mostly on television shows and movies, making it a little less extensive. Also, users can join fan clubs and Miso lures users to stay on the site by awarding “unlocked content” in exchange for loyalty.

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Like Miso and GetGlue, this website uses an award system for its check-ins. Philo also offers real prizes for checking-in to shows multiple times or consecutive episodes. This site is solely television-based, which simplifies it for the viewer. You can also use the application to see what shows are trending among other users.

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Tuner Fish

TunerFish is similar to Philo in that it’s a television-only check-in site. It also helps you to pick your show choices by looking at others’ information. Another cool feature of this site is that you can “like” movies and television shows on your profile so others can get an idea about what sort of entertainment you prefer. You can even see which friends you’ve influenced to watch certain shows!

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Foursquare has become a household name for people on-the-go, but these new social media sites are great for those of us who like to sit in and watch television after a long day of work or on a rainy Saturday. Plus, they provide new ways for companies to advertise — prize-giveaways are a great incentive for people to come back and use the site more often. So, next time you’re getting ready to sit down and watch that CSI: Whatever-City-You-Love marathon, check in with one of these sites first and see how you’re couch-potato habits can benefit you!