Usually, it’s considered taboo to mix business with pleasure; however, two exceptions to this rule are the iPhone and iPad, devices you should use for both.

Anyone even slightly interested in technology can be easily fascinated by these products and their many capabilities, especially the diverse range of functions provided by apps. The following five applications are particularly useful for work-related functions – helping you to organize your business, contacts, schedule, and more.

1. Bento

For only $4.99, you can organize your entire life! You might recognize this app as a mobile extension of the popular database, Bento, which essentially performs the same functions on your computer. The app allows you to control your address book, calendar, contacts, and projects from one platform. You can also store digital media, recipes, and notes. Other capabilities include managing To Do Lists, guest lists, and categories.

2. iTime Sheet

At $5.99, iTime Sheet is a mobile record of your hours spent on specific clients. The app allows you to insert hours, rates, and wages to better keep track of your billing and services. Especially popular for businesses on-the-go, the app facilitates your needs to constantly update a computer document. Not only can you enter the time you spend working and the associated cost, but you can also label your time log with descriptions to clarify exactly what you were doing.

3. Keynote (iPad only)

This app is great for business men and women who are often giving presentations. It essentially acts like a portable storage device. On this $9.99 app, you can store PowerPoint presentations, speeches, and slide shows. It allows all of the luxuries that a computer would, giving you the ability to time your presentation, preview it, and even add pictures or music to each slide.

4. Penultimate

This app is only $1.99 and is perfect for the scientist or artist. It allows you to draw directly onto the screen of your iPad using an approved stylis, producing high quality drawings and notes. You can keep it simple, such as using it for black and white pictures or taking notes. Or, you can add color to your drawings, and even send them with a tap of the screen to any e-mail.

penultimate app image 1

5. powerOne Financial Calculator

At $4.99, this app is one of the most popular financial tools that Apple has to offer! It helps you keep track of your expenditures, income, or any other monetary value. It’s easy to use and a great tool for syncing information to any computer. You can easily save figures, e-mail quotes, and manage numerous accounts through this one simple-to-use app.

There are hundreds of iPhone apps that are great for making your business easier and more efficient. To learn more about apps for work and productivity, visit the Apple homepage and search for apps by category,