So, suffering from crushing blogging block, I was cruising through my old LiveJournals and other blog posts looking for something CSS-y  I could talk about in greater depth, I kept coming across entries I wrote while working at my old job. Now, my old job wasn?t bad, but it was just a job, you know? And as I saw page after page after page of it, I started to realize how different working at J House really is. I mean, it?s a small design company that actually cares about the products it makes, where everyone has pride not just in what they do, but in what our company does as a whole.

Where I meet clients at the grocery store or at restaurants and they can?t stop talking about how much they like what we made for them and how we treated them. It?s a place where I stretch to do the best work I can not because I have some arbitrary goal, but because I want the project to be the best it can be, because my bosses and coworkers are counting on me.

But just writing a list of why I like my job feels like a copout?. so, to prevent you, gentle reader, from going totally without meaningful content, I present Why I Like Working at J House?..In CSS!