How to Estimate the Cost of a SaaS

how to estimate a SaaS or large project

There are a lot of elements involved in the ideation, validation, estimation, build, launch, and growth of a SaaS system. The estimating step is critical as it helps you understand if this project is "worth it," how to proceed with funding, and what features should and should not be added to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

How to Get Started In SaaS

getting started in saas

When you have a great idea and decide to get started in SaaS (Software as a Service), you are building a business. Many eager entrepreneurs don’t think through all the Costs Associated With Starting A New SaaS Business. The existence of passive income in SaaS is a myth for 99% of businesses. Making a profit is possible but it requires a tremendous amount of effort and hard work.

How to Calculate the Cost to Build a SaaS System

How much does it cost to build a SaaS system

The potential to earn passive income by building a Software as a Service (SaaS) system is very alluring, but what will you have to put in up front to get there? Determining your cost to build a SaaS can be more complicated than you might think. We’ve built a number of SaaS systems and want to share with you how to estimate your spend on each part of the project, avoid costly mistakes and get the most for your money.

8 Steps to Build a Great Blog Strategy

Chess set representing blog strategy

If You Have a Blog That’s Not Getting You to Your Goals, You Need to Change Your Strategy

For most businesses, a blog is not primarily intended to entertain or inform existing customers, though it sure doesn’t hurt to have content that your current audience will benefit from. Its purpose is most often to bring in new interested parties through increased rank, social media posts, and backlinks.

Do You Have a Blog That’s Not Getting You to Your Goals?meet your business goals with your blog

Most companies these days have a blog, but if your blog isn’t getting you to your goals it’s a waste of time. This short guide will help you determine what your goals for reach your content marketing goals for your business.


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What does a blog do for your business?

  1. It gets you better SEO rank. You’ll have a 434% better chance of being ranked highly on search engines.
  2. It gains trust. 81% of people view blogs as a trusted source of information and advice.
  3. It makes you money! 60% of businesses with a blog acquire more customers.

Those and only 3 reasons out of dozens. This article gives 52 amazing reasons to blog!

don't spend time and money on a blog unless it's helping your businessA blog won’t be very effective unless you have a strategy.

If you’re just winging it week by week or month by month, you’re not getting much bang for your buck (even if you’re not forking out cash, you’re spending time, which is basically the same as money.)

How to make your blog REALLY work for you

1. Determine your goals

Your entire blog should revolve around the answer(s) to this: What would you like people reading your blog to DO?

Examples include:

Sign up for your email list
Call to schedule an appointment
Purchase a product online

2. Keyword researchlooking at keyword research

  1. If you don’t do your research, you won’t know what terms to include in your writing and which ones to stay away from.
  2. Read our article about keyword research tips to get you going.

3. Keyword groups and a content plan read more