Working Out Regularly Makes You a Better Business Owner

Our CEO Jason is always working out. Even though his schedule is slammed, almost every day he finds time to run or go to the gym. I asked him, “Other than the obvious health benefits, why do you work out so much?”

“Working out saved my life,” he said. “Literally. I was in a really bad car accident five years ago. If I hadn’t been really fit, I would not have survived.”

Obviously, there is no way to predict when trauma will happen, but exercising keeps the body in a condition that can be the difference in the Emergency Room. There are also more subtle ways exercising saves your life when you are a super-busy, stressed-out business owner.  read more

Want to Learn Code?

Our sister company, the project scoping startup BrainLeaf, recently ran a story by freelance web designer Laurence Bradford, who chronicles her journey as she learns how to code. I was reading Bradford’s blog Learn to Code with Me when it struck me: I bet there are lots of people, from a whole range of backgrounds, who want to learn code. I mean, even I want to learn code! Knowing code (at least a little bit) is more than a desirable job skill, it’s necessary for effective leadership and communication, according to some. read more

Are You Mobile-friendly?


A Word on Mobile Usage Statistics

Time for some cold, hard facts.

  • 82% of mobile shoppers search on Google before they make a purchase. (Google)
  • Smartphone users around the globe will total 2 billion in the next two years. (Bloomberg)
  • 75% of Americans admitted to using their smartphones while sitting on the potty. (11mark)
  • About 85% of the world’s population will have 3G access in 2017. (Econsultancy)
  • As of January 2014, 58% of American adults have a smartphone. (Pew Center)

See where I’m going with this?

Going mobile is not really optional anymore. If a business or organization wants to stay relevant to 75% of Americans in 2014, and to 85% of the world population in 2017, they have to be mobile-friendly.

Gearing Up For a Brave, New, Mobile-Centric World

You’re a smart person. I’m sure you’ve already thought about a mobile website, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it entails. Do you need a separate website for mobile from the web version? Do you need to build an app? How do you make a website display beautifully across tablets and smartphones and laptops and desktops and smart TVs? read more

Is Your Team Communication Lacking? You Might Like Slack

Let’s talk about how you talk to your team. Do you use email? Do you wish there was an easier way to search for old conversations? I want to clue you in on a communication tool the JH Media Team uses to collaborate and share random things on the internet: Slack.

Slack is like a more advanced Twitter but for small, invite-only groups. It’s essentially the way all the members of our team, from the designers, project managers, and programmers to the marketers and account managers to touch base with one another. It’s also just a fun way to share information. read more

Who is Responsible for What on Your Website?

New website design? Check!

Service pages full of squishy good content? Check!

Product listings properly tagged and SEO’d? Check!

Weekly blog posts? Umm…I think Suzie was going to do that?

New user tutorial? Oh, right, I did bring that up at a meeting three months ago. Suzie? Or Jim?

Fancy, high res photos on every page and product listing? I think have some photos somewhere…we did a photoshoot last year…

Ok, stop right there.

You paid a significant chunk of change for your brand new website. But if the conversation above has any kind of resonance, then you probably haven’t designated certain must-have tasks to make sure your website breaks all the traffic records, engages tons of users and pays you back on your investment. read more