A Few Ways Technology is Transforming Healthcare

Health 2.0 is a new term that has been created to account for the recent shift of technology to the healthcare field. It’s apparent that technology is giving the healthcare industry a much-needed boost, from social networking tools to mobile apps that help patients live healthier lives.

It’s obvious there is a lot of promise in mixing technology and healthcare. Consequently, we can see some benefits to this shift to the Health 2.0 Era. First and foremost, using technology in healthcare can provide for a better diagnosis. This, in turn, will lead to more effective treatment. For example,  IBM has been creating a supercomputer known as “Mr. Watson” that can potentially help doctors to keep track of patient history, stay up-to-date on medical research and analyze treatment options. read more

The Incredible Impact of Responsive Design

We have previously written a blog article about is responsive design and its elements. We thought we should also write about what responsive design can mean for your business and impact of responsive design on your business. The “what” has been taken care of, now we need to know about the “why”. Here we go!

To jog your memory, responsive design basically means that the different pieces that make up a website can adjust to fit different sized screens, such as a PC, tablet, or phone. This is very important as society is moving away from the traditional desktop into other avenues such as smartphones and tablets. It’s a change in the way we look at the structure of a web site.   Elements aren’t fixed in a table or in rigid containers.  With Responsive Design these elements can move, shrink, or change depending on the screen that’s viewing the content. If your website does not have responsive design in mind, it may cost you customers. read more


Found this quote on the AIGA Atlanta’s Facebook page. AIGA Atlanta is your local chapter of the professional association for design. AIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. We absolutely LOVE this quote.

Safer Texting While Walking: There’s an app for that!

You have probably seen or experienced this multiple times. Texting while walking and, all of a sudden, BAM! You smack into a pole or hit some other object because you were too busy texting. There have also been some fatal cases of pedestrians getting struck by cars for the same reason. We have all heard of the dangers of texting while driving, but there is also a danger in texting in walking. Now, there’s an app to help alleviate some of the damage texting and walking will do to you. read more

What Happens After You Die?

Google is answering this question in regards to your online accounts and is helping you plan for the afterlife. You can now choose what happens to your YouTube, Gmail, and Google+ accounts after you die. Sounds morbid, right?

Google released its “Inactive Account” setting page where you can choose to delete these accounts after three, six, nine, or twelve months of inactivity. You can also choose to send loved ones data instead of deleting it altogether. Google product manager Andreas Tuerk describes this kind of like a last will and testament when he wrote in a public blog post,” Not many of us like thinking about death – especially our own,” he writes. “But making plans for what happens after you’re gone is really important for the people you leave behind.” He also admits “Inactive Account Manager” isn’t the best name and some have even dubbed it “Death Account Manager”. read more

Pass-Thoughts Instead of Passwords!

Ever stared at that little password box wondering which password did you have to use this time? Was it one with the capital letters, numbers, symbols, or any combination of the above? Remembering what password you used for which websites can be frustrating and time consuming.

Could typing out passwords soon be a thing of the past?  A UC Berkeley study suggests that may be the case. Traditional means of computer authentication may be replaced with a concept dubbed “pass-thoughts”. Pass-thoughts will authenticate you to computer accounts simply by thinking.  Sounds like something from a science fiction movie! This may be a reality very soon. How is this going to work, you ask? read more