First Ever 3D See-Through Computer! Check this out!

Just when we thought we’ve seen everything, a  new type of computer was revealed at the TED Conference in Los Angeles. It is a transparent computer called Spacetop 3D where you can reach inside and touch the digital content inside. Microsoft, in collaboration with TED fellow Jinha Lee, has been working on this new computer and says that this computer might come into general use within a decade. This can radically change how we interact with technology!

This computer appeals to the human’s innate need to interact with surroundings. You can actually reach inside this computer and move around documents and browsers using just your hands. With the Spacetop 3D, you will actually be able to pick up a document you are working on and flip through it like a book. The convergence of the physical and digital world is such a cool concept! read more

Do You Think This Eavesdropping App Is A Good Idea?

With all of these new apps coming out, it seems like the issue of privacy is becoming more prevalent. Should we give up our privacy for making our lives easier and maybe safer? There is this new app called “Xpression” by EI Technologies that monitors your sadness and will call your shrink if it thinks you are becoming too depressed. It eavesdrops on your conversations using voice recognition to determine your mood. What about our privacy? Let’s see how this app works.

Gizmodo reports that this app will listen to the user’s voice, cataloging moods, and dialing up your shrink if it thinks you are too depressed.  The creators of this Xpression app, EI Technologies, explain that this app will only record your pitch and not words so privacy should not be an issue. It will only work if it is constantly running that way it can always keep track of your voice. Factors that they are using to determine your depression are how loud your voice is, intensity, changes in pitch, and speaking pace. If it determines that your emotional state is dipping, it knows who to call. read more

The Future of Snail Mail: Sketchy or Legitimate? You decide!

Tired of rummaging through endless amount of paper mail all the time? There may be an answer! There is this new service called Outbox that revolutionizes physical mail and turns it into something similar to email. How does it work? For 5 dollars a month, a person comes to your mailbox three times a week and picks up your mail. The mail is then taken to a “secure” warehouse where it is opened, scanned, and stored where you can then view it online. While this may have some benefits such as better organization of your important documents and many others, there are also some weird aspects about this service. Let’s dissect Outbox and you can decide whether or not this is something for you. read more

4 Of the Biggest Mistakes You Can Make When Designing a Website

In this new digital age, not having a website can really hurt your business. Having a web presence is crucial to any business as more and more people around the world are getting access to the internet. In the past, when someone wanted to search for a product or service that they were interested in, they would just pull out a phone book and search the directory for what they needed. Today, one would just go to a search engine and find what they needed online. It is very important for a company to have a website so potential customers can find and reach them easily. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes when creating a website that can have negative effects on business. read more

Cost-Effective Medical Website Solutions for Hospitals

J H Media Group develops business websites and web-based applications for multi-million dollar corporations, non-profits, government agencies, colleges and individuals.  We specialize in developing an understanding of your organization, then a strategy for helping you accomplish your goals before building highly dynamic and easily maintainable web based projects and software that meet your goals.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, meticulous planning, collaboration, clarification, and a devotion to developing our skills and experiences within our industry.
We have recently focused our efforts into the healthcare arena where we have developed a cost-effective medical solution for healthcare professionals and hospitals. J H Media group has created a template that we customize just for your needs and helps save you more money than our competition! Our work ahead of time on the template makes your site easy to set up thus saving you more money.  They are also flexible and easy to update. We have recently developed a series of websites for St. Mary’s Medical Group using our system that we tailored specifically to their business. This has given St. Mary’s the flexibility of quickly representing multiple specialist offices while maintaining a unique and focused look for each one. Below are some examples of some of the work we have done for them. read more

An Awesomely Geeky Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, people around the world are scrambling to find the perfect gift for their spouses. The chocolate and card thing is boring. Believe me, been there and done that. Want a geeky way of showing your loved one how much you <3 them? Look no further!

For 75 dollars, you can buy a gift that weighs next to nothing! Aerogel Technologies has developed a pink heart that is 96% air by volume to show your sweetie you love them. It is made from the one of the world’s lightest solid material and feels like you are holding a cloud. You will be able to see it but the lightweight density will barely register on your skin. read more