Hug Time!


With all the violence in the world, sometimes it’s nice to see an act of tenderness. One of JH Media’s designers, Lucas Lopvet, has created images in Photoshop depicting two unlikely animals hugging.These images warm our hearts and bring us a sense of peace. So cute!

Using images any age group would find cute, Lucas brings together two animals one would not expect to be friends and illustrates them in a loving way.  In life, we are constantly experiencing opposites; light and dark, joy and sorrow, hot and cold, love and hate, in addition to many more. The ability to perfectly sync them together is a skill not many possess. Bringing together two opposite ends of the spectrum and making them mesh so well together is one attribute that makes a designer talented. read more

Responsiveness, don’t ignore it!

Remember the days when you used your phone strictly for making calls? Slowly, we saw the shift into cameras and text messaging. Now you can pretty much use your phone as a computer, accessing the internet. In fact, people use their phones to access the internet more than ever before. In a new research study by Pew Research, it showed that 44% of online users access websites through a mobile device. This has now become an issue web developers can’t ignore. Making a website responsive will eliminate the need for a separate mobile site and you can concentrate on just the main site, saving you time. Time is money! read more

Amazing App Helps You Learn More about Your Facebook Activity and Friends!

Wolfram Alpha has created an app to find out data about your Facebook account that you never knew before! Wolfram Alpha is an online service that answers factual queries directly by computing the answer from structured data, rather than providing a list of documents or web pages that might contain the answer as a search engine might. The company rolled out this new analytics tool that uses its data with your Facebook account to tell you interesting information that you didn’t know before. Once you give it access to your profile, it provides a visual report based on your activity and people you know. read more

iPhone 6 Rumor

Following our previous post on security in technology and its future, we thought this would be a relevant topic to follow up our last blog post.

After a considerable amount of backlash for any major innovations in the iPhone 5, there are rumors swirling around the iPhone 6 and its new technologies. Many iPhone fans were severely disappointed in the iPhone 5 so Apple may be seeking ways to differentiate them from competition.

According to Huffington Post, a solid Apple rumor says there will be iPhone 6 fingerprint detection:
“Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities — who has perhaps the best track record of any Apple analyst, pundit or soothsayer working today — is out with his predictions for the year in Apple devices. The juiciest tidbit from the report, first published by MacRumors? That Apple is preparing to install a hardware fingerprint sensor on the next iPhone, perhaps integrated with the home button, to differentiate its new phone from growing competition.” read more

Death of the Password?

Google is coming up with new ideas that could make passwords a thing of the past. With hacking on the rise, Google executives believe that internet security is becoming increasingly harder to achieve.

Google VP of security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay have come up with a few ideas to help the internet become more secure. They explain in an upcoming paper for IEEE’s Security & Privacy magazine, “Along with many in the industry, we feel passwords and simple bearer tokens such as cookies are no longer sufficient to keep users safe”. read more

Surreal iPhone Case!

It’s Friday! We thought we’d bring attention to a more lighthearted topic.

Prominent Spanish surrealist, Salvador Dali, is known for his bizarre and imaginative work in the art world. In the 1930’s, he created what was known as the “lobster telephone” which is simply a lobster attached to the handset of a rotary-dial phone. Remember this?

Fast forward to the 21st century, Australian designer Elliot Gorham channeled Dali’s work into modern phone accessories. He created a lobster iPhone case that left most of us scratching our head. Bulky and impractical, the lobster iPhone case will surely get you noticed in a crowd. Gorham writes in the product description, “Unlike the typical phone case, it doesn’t offer functionality of protection and style.” The lobster case will also make the camera on your phone obsolete as the lobster’s body covers it. He realizes that it’s impractical but urges that it’s supposed to be awkward on purpose. This case is meant to appeal to the surrealist in all of us. So if you have the insane urge to be noticed and draw a lot of attention, this phone is for you. Don’t take it swimming, though. This phone is NOT waterproof. read more