How Your Doctor’s Office Can Leverage A New Website, Social Media, & The Internet

Many doctor’s offices, and those in the medical profession in general, have ignored internet marketing – they simply do not feel it is something that applies to them, or is relevant in their long term business model.

We believe this is a big mistake!

Simultaneously, this also means there is a huge opportunity for the doctor’s office who decides to embrace the web as means for building their brand, reaching new patients, and setting up a long term successful internet marketing strategy. read more

Content Management Strategies For Doctors & Medical Professionals

Content management isn’t just for large, complex businesses such as manufacturing. Doctor’s offices and medical professionals can also benefit from a well organized content management plan, especially when it comes to web-based content such as a website.

What you see on a medical website isn’t what you’d see on a site selling household items or offering lawn and garden care. The content found on a medical practice website needs to be targeted to your patients, both new and existing, and it needs to be well organized, informative, and ultimately become an extension of your medical practice. read more

User Interface Design Strategies For Manufacturers

The user interface design of your website, just like any other product, will ultimately determine its success.

Think back to Zune, Microsoft’s ill-fated music device that was supposed to compete with Apple’s iPod. Zune never took off, in large part because of its user interface, which just couldn’t compete with Apple’s elegance.

Likewise, Ford’s Sync has gotten poor user reviews that resulted in low satisfaction rankings for vehicles that featured it.

These are just two examples of products where a poor user interface design has caused problems for the product’s manufacturer. read more

Effective Website Design Strategy For The Financial Manager

Are you a financial adviser who’s looking to build a new website?  

If so, here are some important tips to keep in mind as you plan the layout, navigation, and content strategies for your website.

#1 – Utility

I love the word “utility”.

This is an economic term that describes the derived value of a particular product or service.  If you purchased a product or service that you found to be useful, then you experienced a high level of “utility” from that purchase. read more

Effective Website Design For Doctors & Medical Facilities

Strategic Website Design For Your Medical Practice

A well designed, and well thought out website for your medical practice can work to serve your business, your patients, and future patients in a powerful way.  More than likely, your patients – both current and future – are on their computers, laptops, and mobile phones right now browsing on the web.  And with a strategic website for your practice, you can connect with your patients in a way that’s never before been possible.

From a patient’s perspective, an efficient user interface may allow your patients to schedule appointments in available time slots, and do it in a way that’s safe and secure for transferring patient information. read more

3 Strategies To Drive Explosive Traffic To Your Financial Business Website

For any business in the financial sector, you’ll want to make sure to pay especially close attention to point #3 below.  It’s often one of the most overlooked online marketing strategies, one of the least employed, and because of this… one of the best opportunities for you to grow your brand on the web and drive high quality, profitable traffic to your website!

When it comes to effective online marketing strategies, in most cases the number one objective is to build web traffic and exposure for your website.  Right?  I mean, what business out there who’s planning on launching, or who has just launched, a business website doesn’t want to increase traffic, exposure, and awareness for that website?  After all, if you launch a website for your business and it doesn’t generate any traffic, then what exactly was your purpose for launching that website in the first place? read more