Monkey around with guerrilla marketing

You’re a small company, and you don’t have a swanky budget to work with. Fortunately, some of the best advertising strategies come at little cost to you. Perhaps it is time to take some guerrilla-sized measures in developing your marketing plan.

Guerrilla marketing operates on an unconventional level. This successful maneuver thrives on interaction and unpredictability. Though this tactic is remarkably inexpensive, it requires imagination, forethought and energy. Guerrilla marketers generate attention for their products through a variety of media. read more

Take #note of Fallon’s Twitter hashtag game

With so many options in social media, it’s important to actually strategize about which type of social media to use — and to use it effectively for your company or brand. Simply having a Facebook page, Twitter or blog just to have it for your company won’t do any good unless there is a purpose behind it.

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” is a great example of how to use Twitter effectively. Each week Fallon sends atweet out to his over four million Twitter followers, inviting them to participate in his “Hashtag Game.” Fallon creates a tag like #HalloweenFAIL, #WhoDoesThat, #MyTeacherIsWeird, and #WhyImSingle and invites his followers to send him funny one-liner jokes using the selected hashtags. Many times, Fallon’s Twitter hashtags are so wildly popular that they become top trending topics all over the U.S. read more