Doritos gets spooky with unique online ads

Halloween has been steadily looming for a while, but it’s finally set to approach. Stores have had decorations up since early September, television stations have been playing scary movies and Halloween themed episodes of shows, and the infamous Reese’s commercials are back.

In the advertising world, different product types take different approaches to Halloween themes: some are scary, some are kid-friendly, some just change the colors to fit in with the holiday, and others don’t do anything at all. read more

Be more than just a dot on the map with location-based services

You’ve probably heard the term “location-based services,” but how much do you really know about it?

If your answer is “nothing,” fear not! Here’s the latest scoop on location-based marketing services:

What are location-based services?

Location-based services, or LBS, is a service that can be used for information or entertainment that uses the geographical location through the utilization of a mobile network. Basically, the GPS system in your mobile telephone can tell where you are in relation to other businesses or landmarks, for whatever reason the application is used. read more

Seven Steps to Make You a Networking Pro

Imagine the following situation: You get home from work on a Friday afternoon, ready to kick back and relax for the weekend. Before you do this, however, you take a quick look at your handy day planner to see what’s on your agenda for the coming week. Saturday looks good, Sunday looks good, Monday looks — oh no! You’ve noticed (and consequently remembered) that you must attend yet another networking event on Monday.

For some, this situation doesn’t seem too far-fetched. In fact, it might seem all too familiar. Sure, networking events can be a bit boring, monotonous, and tedious, but they remain hugely important to marketing yourself and building lasting, important relations with your peers in the business world. read more