Google+ for Businesses: While Skepticism Continues, There’s Hope for the Future

Though it may have reached the milestone of 10 million users, only the test of time will determine whether Google+ can rival its social networking competitors and ease the sting of failed attempts like Buzz and Wave.

Has Google+ arrived too late to the social networking world, or can it use its supportive services and reputation to reach the masses and ensure success? 

Google+ is understood to be in the trial stages, but the hype surrounding it has left many users disappointed with the shutdown of invites and bandwidth concerns. How does Google expect to take over the social networking world if it doesn’t have the capacity to do so?

And that’s what leads us to the big question: What will Google+ offer to businesses? read more

Five Free DIY Website Creation Sites

We all know that a website is now an essential tool–if not the essential tool–used today by businesses and individuals to convey their messages to consumers.

But creating a website is not something that an average person has been able to do. We generally leave Web design and creation up to those geeky computer folks with brains that decode HTML faster than they decide what they want for breakfast.

The average person is no longer barred from having a website by a need for technological savvy. Knowledge of HTML, technical skills and programming experience are no longer required to create a website decked out with images, videos, audio files, blogs, and all the desired features. read more

A Skeptic Weighs In on the Google+ Milestone

I’d like to be proud that I’m one of those users. Instead, I’m left with one question: what am I doing?

Seriously–what am I doing? I just don’t understand Google+. And I’m not sure I like it.

After days of anxiously awaiting a beta invite to the new social media service, I finally found my way in. I had it! Finally! The thing the Internet was telling me I needed! I could now invite others! My Facebook and Twitter friends e-kneeled to me, begging me to show them mercy and let them, too, into this hyper-exclusive-nearly-10-million-strong network! read more

Can You Hear Me Now?: 3 Shopping Apps to Catch Consumer Attention

Everywhere you turn these days, someone is sending a text, looking up a website, or snapping a picture with a smartphone. As I mentioned in a previous blog, consumers are busier than ever. They also spend more and more time on their phones, so it’s often hard to grab their attention with your brand. Mobile marketing, a new advertising trend, instead brings your brand straight to the customer’s mobile device–you successfully deliver the message, and they don’t even have to look up! If you’re looking to enhance your business with mobile marketing, let these top mobile shopping apps be your guide. read more