The Scoville Scale–It’s Not Just for Peppers Anymore!

scoville logo from google imagesThe “four out of five star” ranking system is so 2010.

With all the likes+1#followfriday, and other popularities popping up in the world of technology, it seems the newest trend is, well, trends. And, just when you thought there wasn’t another way for you to find out which bar your friends are at on a Friday night or which drinks are the most popular, a new social media tool has arrived–Scoville.

The Scoville Scale is the scale used to measure the spiciness or heat of a pepper. The new location-based technology of the same name works in the same way–it ranks the “hotness” of a location by allowing users to recommend places and suggest them to friends. According to their website, the goal of Scoville is “to help our users discover at least one great new place every week.” read more

Companies to Watch for Web Innovation

On April 6, 2011 CNN Tech awarded ten lucky company websites with the title of “Most Innovative.” According to CNN, these companies demonstrated rapid growth, unique design, and forward-thinking strategies. So, who were the chosen ten?

1. Twitter

2. Google

3. Zynga

4. Netflix

5. Foursquare

6. Tumblr

7. Crimson Hexagon

8. Stocktwits

9. Microsoft

10. Conaco Productions

All of these websites are recognizable in name, and most of them have either invented or are contributing to a current technology trend. But what is it about their actual websites that other companies should pay attention to? What are they doing to attract viewers? Below, you will find a checklist of important factors to include on your site to keep viewers interested: read more

Adding a little “Color” to Social Media

color app image from google imagesSocial media has always been a great way to make new friends, find, a job, or simply keep in touch with people you may not see often. But now social media is going “visual” with the launch of the Color application for the Google Android and Apple iPod phones.

Instead of adding Friends or Followers, you can use the application to create a public photo album. Anyone in the vicinity of you has access to your photos and can add them to their own photo album. You can view who has added your photos or commented on them and then send them a message if you’d so choose.

You’re probably thinking, “Why would anyone want to share their private, personal photos with complete strangers?” But the idea behind it is pretty innovative — say you’re at a concert sitting in the last row. You may be having fun with friends, but the pictures you take will look nothing like the pictures from people in the first row. So, why not add theirs to your photo album? Also, you may have missed a funny moment, or forgotten to take a picture when you saw a Lady Gaga fan wearing something outrageous to her concert. You can use the app to see if someone else caught it on camera and then add their photo to your collection. read more

Online Community Tools on the Rise

Ever feel like there are too many social media sites? Like every week there’s a new fad that reigns sovereign for a month and then falls to the background, replaced by a newer and better option?

If you’re looking for something more lasting, more concrete, online community tools are the up-and-coming solution for your business. Customers are already using the web to talk about your business, whether you are aware of it or not. Why not join the conversation? By using online tools, you can help facilitate discussion as well as have more input in what is actually being posted. Two up-and-coming sites to get you started are “Get Satisfaction” and “TownWizard.” These networking sites offer companies the ability to set up a forum for conversation with their clients in a more personal way than ever before. read more