Athens Twilight

twilight logoThere’s only one place where you can see some of the best cyclists in the country, live music, and tens of thousands of people roaming the streets with half-empty solo cups – Athens Twilight. And lucky for you, it’s coming soon!

Athens Twilight, sponsored in part by your very own J House Media, kicks off the weekend on Friday, April 29th. Just go prepared to have a great time!

The Athens Twilight Criterium, founded by Gene Dixon in 1980, was the first of its kind for more than 60 years in the United States. Twilight began as a single race with forty participants and has grown to host a variety of separate races and special events – the main event being the 80k men’s race around downtown Athens.

This infamous race is a favorite hot spot on the national cycling tour circuit, both for its special evening events and the massive crowds that flock to the unique downtown retail and entertainment district of Athens, Georgia.  read more

The New Generation of Social Media “Check-ins”

Foursquare made “getting out of the house” popular in 2010–now there’s a new kind of social media for TV junkies to check-in to.

This new wave of social media follows the same concept as Foursquare, except instead of using locations, they use television shows, movies, music and any other entertainment-based events to award points or badges to its users. Since cable is pretty much available anywhere, users are able to check-in to a single event at multiple locations, making it more convenient than ever! Here’s a list of the most popular entertainment-based social media sites:


GetGlue is at the forefront of this new social media craze–16 million people checked in during the Oscar’s on February 27. This site is all-encompassing: books, music, television, and movies are all included. You can get stickers based on what television shows your watching or music you listen to. It has a similar structure toFacebook in that a user can add friends. Another cool feature is the “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” function, which you can use on any website to find music you like. The site is really convenient to use as well; there’s an iPhone and Android application! read more

The 5 Must-Have Apps for 2011

Usually, it’s considered taboo to mix business with pleasure; however, two exceptions to this rule are the iPhone and iPad, devices you should use for both.

Anyone even slightly interested in technology can be easily fascinated by these products and their many capabilities, especially the diverse range of functions provided by apps. The following five applications are particularly useful for work-related functions – helping you to organize your business, contacts, schedule, and more.

1. Bento

For only $4.99, you can organize your entire life! You might recognize this app as a mobile extension of the popular database, Bento, which essentially performs the same functions on your computer. The app allows you to control your address book, calendar, contacts, and projects from one platform. You can also store digital media, recipes, and notes. Other capabilities include managing To Do Lists, guest lists, and categories. read more

Top 5 SEO Strategies for 2011

seo image from google imagesAt this point, every successful brand has a website, which is an integral part of the company’s operations.

Search Engine Optimization, which is the best way to get people to your website, is now a crucial component for increasing traffic to your website. Most companies already know the basics of SEO: make sure your content is keyword-rich, put meta-tags and keyword-specific metadata on your site, and utilize backlinking. With the help of SEO.comSearch Engine Land, and other Search Engine web experts, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 SEO strategies for 2011 that will help you one-up the competition. read more