The 49th Annual GA TSA Conference

Georgia TSA logoOn March 10-12, 2011 at the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, J House’s own Jason Long and Jeremy Minnick participated as judges in the 49th Annual Technology Student Association State Conference.

Georgia TSA’s yearly leadership development program and events afford students many opportunities that go above and beyond the everyday classroom and laboratory tasks. These opportunities allow students to increase their knowledge and understanding of this dynamic world of technology.

Jeremy explains, “TSA promotes technology in schools and provides a fun way to get involved with subjects that aren’t always available to teach in the classroom.” Jason adds, “The members of TSA are the future technology workers and leaders of the world.” The importance of this conference in particular is clear: TSA allows students to get a taste of the real world by inviting professionals from various industries to come judge the competition. Not only are these middle and high school students exposed to some challenges that they will undoubtedly come across in the industry, but their work is held to a professional standard, pushing students to be creative and innovative beyond what they could imagine. “Through this kind of system they get a glimpse of what will eventually be expected of them on a day-to-day basis, and I think that carries a lot of value,” mentions Jason. read more

Viral Videos and Your Small Business

youtube tv logoWe’re all familiar with the finger-biting babies, double rainbows, and the trip to the dentist, right?

These viral videos are a few well-known examples among hundreds of thousands of videos gaining popularity and being shared today. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have seen one of these videos, laughed hysterically and then shared the video with all of our friends via Facebook, email or another Internet media-sharing source. And this is the same response that marketers and businesses have been trying to get from their consumers since the beginning of time. So why is it catching on now? read more

Turning Social Media into Social Messaging

skygrid logo

SkyGrid, a software that provides a “real-time web platform” for a person’s relevant social media topics, has just launched a new social messaging tool called SkyGrid Groups. The application was created for public figures, like Lady Gaga or Pearl Jam, to keep up with fans, tour date news, and record sales from Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter — all streaming live in a single place.

This social messaging tool can also be a really helpful application for businesses and establishing a brand. It still has the same news-filtering function as the original SkyGrid application, but now you can provide the group you’ve created with information directly regarding your company. Its purpose is to limit “fragmentation,” an inefficiency problem associated with having too many social media platforms. By putting all your social media into one group, it helps keep you up with what’s going on with your company’s most pertinent social media users while keeping them in the loop about your business. read more

Tweet Your Way to the Top

twitter logo

It doesn’t take much to convince businesses to create social media accounts.

But once in use the question becomes, “How do I use this online marketing tool effectively?” If this question applies to you, then you’re in luck! Twitter has released a list of helpful tips to best utilize the Twitterverse.

1) Tweet Often.

The idea of tweeting often seems obvious, but a lot of businesses neglect their accounts,therefore losing both followers and potential business as a result.

Don’t have time to tweet?

Use a tool such as HootSuite to plan your tweets in advance! Through HootSuite, you can schedule messages in advance, planning down to the minute when the tweet will appear. read more