TweetAdder: Maximizing Your Twitter Account’s Marketing Skills

tweetadder logo from web siteTwitter is one of the most popular social media Web sites used today. It’s easy to use and much faster at posting trending news topics than actual news sources, which makes it quite convenient.

It can also be a useful tool for marketing campaigns for a company, but you may find that as your business grows, so will your Twitter account, and you may spend a lot more time following and unfollowing users and replying to your own followers’ tweets. There’s a professional Twitter marketing tool, TweetAdder, that you can purchase that was created specifically for businesses. Its purpose is to help you target a specific market of users to follow, then follow and unfollow them in a matter of seconds to maximize the efficiency of your Twitter account. Here are some of its helpful features: read more

Craving a Social Media Presence? You Should, It’s Delicious.

delicious Web site logo

In a time during which 41% of Americans claim to get most of their news online and 71% of Americans have at least one social media account*, it’s no surprise that the majority of businesses have succumbed to the power of technology and created professional accounts on popular sites such as Facebook and Twitter. While these statistics provide motivation for companies to join such sites, the question becomes whether or not the “popular” sites represent the best option for small businesses? read more

Superbowl XLV

superbowl xlv logo from Google ImagesThe Super Bowl is like Christmas for me – I wait all year for this day to come. Although I was a football cheerleader in high school, I am not a knowledgeable football fan. I know the basics – touchdown, field goal, first down … you get the idea. My favorite part of the Super Bowl is not game-time – it’s commercial time. As soon as the game temporarily pauses and the screen goes black for an instant, I’m ready to watch.

This year the Super Bowl celebration I attended was conveniently in my apartment, so I was able to escape the noise of the party into my quiet room to watch each commercial. A number of my friends call me “Ad-Crazy” because I love to watch commercials so much. I distinctly remember a few of them laughing at me as I ran into the next room to catch the commercial-breaks, jumping wildly over the coffee table and my two dogs that were lounging on the floor. Needless to say, I saw every ad that played, and then I watched them all again online … multiple times. read more