Bulldog 100: Fastest Growing Bulldog Businesses

It all started at a flea market where Jason Long and Jeremy Minnick met as college students about 7 years ago. They became friends and ended up working together at a local mapping company. The company’s split lead to the formation of J House Media, and as the saying goes, “the rest was history.” Jason and Jeremy have been working together ever since.

On January 22 of this year Jeremy, head of Product Development, was honored with an award at the second annual Bulldog 100 Ceremony. This program recognizes the fastest-growing businesses that are owned and operated by University of Georgia alumnus. J House Media ranked 35th out of more than 750 applicants from across the United States, surpassing a number of competing companies. read more

A Case for Version Control

When you save your work, how saved or safe is it really? How easy is it to overwrite, delete, or mistakenly edit something irrevocably? Ever nuked a project with just one incorrect double-click or click-and-drag? How about multi-developer projects? When many people start using a common set of files, ‘save’ is about as safe as driving without a seatbelt. You’re only one accident away from catastrophe. Ever been blamed for broken code someone else modified (but you couldn’t prove it was them) ? read more

6 Ways to Improve Personal Productivity

Being a naturally busy person, I tend to get a little overwhelmed by the volume of things I could be doing and so I employ lists. I love checklists and to-do lists but the number of items I put on them contribute towards a state of being I call:

Compulsive Organization Induced Laziness

My propensity to want to organize all the various activities in my life encourage me to create a list of hundreds of items which in turn overwhelm me with the lingering question of “Where do I start?” This ultimately leads to inaction.

To combat this, I’ve developed a small set of rules to help me move forward and get things done. Each of the following is a particular barrier to overcome and how to address it. read more