Morton Theatre’s New Face

Morton Theatre, a performing arts hub full of culture and heritage is celebrating 100 years of excellence in Athens, GA. They continue to bring in local community performances as well as popular touring groups. Recently, J House Media restored their website and now people outside of the Athens realm are able to step inside this historic monument and take a closer look at what is pursuing in this space.

By updating the Morton Theatre website the possibilities are seemingly endless. Not only does it create an indestructible home base for the theatre, but it offers contact information, a calendar, and other miscellaneous information such as the theatre’s history. Each of these tabs are clearly located on the top of the page providing simple navigation and distinct sections. In addition to these tabs, upcoming events are on the home page so anyone searching for the next big event can find it simply by typing in the URL. read more

Tips For Going Viral

So the largest online video site is finally making money! They have managed to sell advertisements to some of the largest corporations in America, and these businesses are achieving greater heights of product sales from placing their ad on the face of YouTube. Every dollar anyone makes all rests in YouTube’s popularity. I discussed in my last blog that 2 billion videos are watched daily, and that 100 million viewers visit the site per month. If you do the math that means that each person watches an average of 2,000 videos a month. read more

SEO Overload: When It Becomes Too Much

As with anything in life, you need to find a good balance. Everyone wants their Website to be the first result in a search. So how do we do this? We use search engine optimization (SEO). But how much is too much? Is too much SEO bad? What will happen?

When it comes to keywords, linking, meta tag data, or any other SEO tactic, there is a limit to how much you should do. Most people will agree that there is an optimal level of SEO. However, everyone has a different opinion as to what that level is. Every situation is different, but there are some guidelines you should follow when it comes to SEO. read more

Search Engine Wars: Google vs. Bing

In recent news, Bing has actually surpassed Yahoo! for the number two spot in search engines. According to the Nielsen company, Google is still dominating the field with 65.1 percent of the market share. Bing, with its 13.9 percent market share, beat Yahoo! (13.1 percent). So what makes Google such a force in this industry? Let’s compare the two big players: Bing and Google.

Google Overview

Prior to the advent of Google Search in 1996, a variety of search engines existed. These search engines operated mostly on the premise of keywords, but not in the same way you think of keywords today. In the past, pages were displayed based on the amount of times a search term was found on the page. So if you searched for “hair salon,” a page that displayed “hair salon” 547 times on the page would show up before one that only had it 236 times. Relevancy was not taken into account. read more

JH Media Group Announces Virtual Offices

At JH Media Group, we have recently announced our decision to take a new and exciting dive into the virtual world. We have chosen to leave our physical office in order to create a cost effective and technology based structure for the sales and operations portions of our business.

A new study has found that 43% of all small and mid-sized businesses would consider going completely virtual due to recent advances in technology and decreases in economical well-being. The actualization of our new future is explained in the following post where we will look closely at why. read more