New & Spicy Old Spice

Ever heard the expression, “If it were a snake it would have bit me?” I’ll give you an example. This morning I was searching everywhere for my phone. While I was doing so I was talking to a friend on my cell phone saying, “This is ridiculous. Why do I always lose things?” Embarrassing, I know. However, if it were a snake itactually would haven bitten me.

It’s a classic idiom, but if you spin it just right it could be used for advertising. We want our ads to sell consumers something, but we don’t need for them to be screaming down their throats like that awful Brandsmart USA commercial. Some of the greatest examples of these subtle, but effective ads come from the annual Superbowl. For those who couldn’t care who wins, nor vaguely know who’s playing, the advertisements are enough to keep you awake. read more

YouTube Goes Global

youtube televisionThe effects of YouTube are vast…probably much larger than the creators ever originally intended. Who knew that a 10 second user-generated video could develop such wild feedback and irreversible cultural change? These influences now stretch well beyond the realms of the United States, and although comical home videos still reign, the political and global influence of a 47 second video titled, “Questions for the future of Iraq,” can’t be ignored.

Some countries such as India, Turkey, Brazil, and China have banned or threatened to ban YouTube from entering their borders. Each of these countries, and more, have different responses to why they have decided to control this site, but the #1 reason seems to be offensive political clips. For instance, India threatened to ban YouTube after a clip of Gandhi pole dancing was released to the public. In 2006, Thailand quickly blocked the site after clips were released the mocked their sovereign king. The ban in both countries have since been lifted, but they could be placed again at the drop of a hat. read more

Google Instant & What it Means for SEO

You may have heard buzz about the new Google search, called Google Instant, launched in early September of 2010. What is Google Instant? It’s Google’s new, quicker way of providing search engine users with results. This new search engine displays your results as you are typing, so you don’t even have to hit the search button.

Say you’re searching for “grocery store.” Once you type in “g,” Google will begin predicting what you are looking for, giving you the top search term of “gmail,” displayed as grey text in the search box. But that’s not what we’re looking for, so keep typing. read more

It’s Time to Be Honest With Yourselves, Twitter Users

Twitter users, the day has come to take a step back and ask yourself: Is it time for me to join a TSA program – Twitter Spammer Anonymous?

Many of you will of course say “Absolutely not! How dare you suggest such a thing?!” However, as soon as I ask which ones of you are mass following thousands of Twitter accounts, the exclamations may dwindle. I have begun to notice that many businesses – especially the smaller, more local businesses – are using this strategy of mass following in an attempt to build their presence in the Twittering world. This may work initially, but it won’t not be the best tactic in the long run, and being flagged as spam could be terrible marketing for any company. read more

SEO Tactics: 10 Ways to Make Your Blog SEO Friendly

Blogging is the new trend for everyone these days. There’s all kinds of different blogs out there too. There are personal blogs for those who think they’re lives are so interesting that they must document every minute of it for the world to see. There are business blogs for companies to let each of their loyal customers know what cool stuff they have going on. There are entertainment blogs for the average teenager who is consumed in the lives of his or her favorite celebrities. And the list can go on and on. read more

Who Needs Cable? YouTube Live is Coming.

It seems to be the next step in YouTube’s stride to take over the electronic world, this so-called “live video streaming.” September 13th, 2010 marked their second, yes second, attempt at creating the online beast. This means they’re certainly working hard to get it right. The comments surrounding their venture are questions such as, “who needs cable if this works?” However, the real question is – will this work?

I discussed in my first YouTube blog how they are finally making some money. If live streaming progresses without any glitches in the system, YouTube could overtake all websites that provide live entertainment and become the central hub for any and all online video. Then they would really be making some money. Like I said, this isn’t the first time they have attempted to run a live streaming test. The first experiment was a concert on November 22nd, 2008 featuring The Black Eyed Peas, Katy Perry, The Happy Tree Friends, Akon, and other big name artists. It sparked a significant amount of social media buzz, but the expected kinks in the delivery coincidentally occurred and temporarily silenced the buzz. read more