SEO: Going Beyond Keyword Density

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of search engine optimization, it’s time to brush up on these SEO techniques, found through the Beanstalk.

Keyword Overview

The first thing people usually hear about optimizing your site is keyword density. Focusing on the correct keywords in a search is usually on the top of every list for SEO. You want to make sure that your audience’s search terms can be used to find your company. Do this by simplifying the description of your brand into a few key terms and phrases, while keeping your target market in mind. But I’m sure you’ve heard many, many people talk your ear off about keywords. So let’s move on. read more

Stop Calling Twitter a Social Network!

At least, that’s what another Twitter vice-president said last week at Nokia World 2010.

Kevin Thau, Twitter’s Vice-President for business and corporate development, reiterated Sean Garrett’s claim that Twitter is an “information network,” not a social network, and that “Twitter is transforming the nature of news.”

“The guy who saw a plane land on the Hudson River right in front of him didn’t think to send an email,” says Thau. “He tweeted it.” read more

Building on the Surge: Optimize Website Content through Google Analytics

We’ve reached the end of summer and have arrived at the third and final article in a series describing the useful features of the free Google program, Google Analytics. This tool can be applied to any website, which will assist you in better understanding the usefulness of your traffic, usership patterns, and content.  You can improve the value of your website with the goal of expanding a quality customer base.

In the previous weeks, I have discussed how to utilize the keyword tool as well as how to track and improve the quality of your visitors, improving your potential customer base, turning users into customers. read more

Don’t Be Spam, Be Glam!

Spam isn’t good in a frying pan, and it’s no better in your email account. To be constantly bombarded by never ending marketing ploys is a commonality for people nowadays. They spend more time deleting and ignoring emails than they do writing them. However, it will do you no good to just chalk it all up to spam being evil and forget entirely about the benefits from successful email marketing. Although emails can seem redundant and annoying, there have been studies shown that emailing a client before a phone call doubles their response rates. It also leads to an increase in conversation rates between the client and customer. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before blasting absurd amounts of useless information into an unbeknownst inbox. read more

Read This…and They’ll Read You: 6 Simple Steps to Get Your Blog Read

Writing a blog is simple. The trick is to get people to read it.

The secret to successfully promoting your blog is to market without explicitly marketing. No matter what product you’re selling, no matter what service you’re trying to provide, your target audience will never be an army of dutiful droids programmed to do what you say, when you say, and how you say. The truth is, the blogosphere, as abstract as it may seem, is composed of air-breathing, cognitive individuals with their own personal interests and aversions, as well as the shared capacity to be bored and inherent desire to be entertained. read more

Facebook Strikes Again! (By Going Location-Aware)

It seems they never rest over there in Facebook land. Hardly a breath is taken between the introductions of a new application or design, each intended on bringing hundreds of millions of people together with greater ease. On August 18, 2010 they released “Facebook Places” that has already raised a colossal amount of comments, extreme on both sides of the spectrum. However, I am not here to discuss whether it is the greatest technological finding since the hard drive or whether it is an opening for even further scrutiny of the worldwide web. These are just the basics. read more