Google TV: True Integration?

As many of you may be aware of by now, last week Google introduced¬†Google TV¬†at its 2010 I/O conference. The new platform promises to truly integrate our TV programming, online video, and movies all into a singular screen. Whether it be in our homes or our laptops on the go, the point of Google TV is to provide virtually all video content available through the web, broadcast networks, DVR recorders, and some movie rental companies all through a single portal. Despite former attempts made by Apple and Microsoft to integrate our video watching experiences, Google claims they have the ticket to not only integrating our video-web experience, but also integrate the revenue generated by the multi-billion dollar broadcast TV ad industry. Will Google TV be the realization of our convergent media dreams, or will this leave us unable to get the most out of our HDTV’s, cable and dish signals when we can get the same content we could obtain through any HDMI cable and our laptop? read more