Clean Streaming Video to Finally Become A Reality?

Just like fast food, we have come to depend on the access of our content and work projects to be on-the-go and available 24-7. However, we not only depend on portability, but we also rely on the ability to simultaneously watch TV while viewing online videos, news articles, while at the same time completing projects and Facebooking on our laptops. We have the option of remaining on our sofas in the living room, but we’re just a bit more active (and nosier) staring at multiple screens and multiple windows. We want video content on demand when we want it, where we want it, and how we choose to receive it. This type of usage, in turn, increases the demand for new video development tools that are useful to a variety of businesses, advertisers, and universities. It has changed the way we meet with one another, share content, and learn information. read more

Facebook: Does More Social Connectivity Mean Less User Control?

There’s no doubt Americans love the democratic process. Not only do we regularly elect our public officials to represent our viewpoints as they govern our communities, but we also like to see that process in play as we vote non-idols off of the stage, bad survivors off the island, take random internet polls of Hollywood’s worst dressed, and choose whether or not one of today’s Washington Post editorials was accepted by its readers. Facebook’s decision to ride the wave of our electoral habits will further transform the way we receive, interpret, and share our daily news and information. This will also affect how our information is shared with fellow Facebook users, retailers, and advertisers. read more