A Simple Approach to SEO

Everyone wants to know how they can be “number one on Google.” Essentially, this question is mother to the SEO industry, and answering it is guaranteed success. While the SEO process is intricate, arduous and never-ending, there are three general areas in which effort should be applied: content, compliance and in-bound link building.

You may have heard, “content is king.” This rings true, indeed, when it comes to ranking in the search engines. One must have fresh content with cohesive language that is updated frequently. The more content one has around a particular subject (or keyword), the more valuable one will be perceived to be by the search engines. If articles and other content are well written and target similar or specific keywords, the content factor becomes fairly self-sustaining. Additional improvements in content include applying keywords to headers andtags that hang out “behind the scenes,” optimizing URLs to contain keywords, and optimizing the content by applying higher density and prominence of keywords within the text. read more

The State of Social Media — And What it Means for You

Could you ever imagine a world without social media? What if you couldn’t tweet the highlight of your day or share your latest photos with your family and friends on Facebook? How would you “socialize?”

In today’s age, it’s proven that social media are embedded in our everyday culture. In the last 10 years, social media have become enormously popular among consumers. In fact, they’re so popular that marketers are on the hunt for more information about how to appeal to their consumers through social media. read more

SEO: Meta Tag Tactics

You’ve heard of SEO and (hopefully) read our two previous posts on the topic, but if you’re thinking, “what in the world is a meta tag and how is it going to help optimize my Website?” You’re in luck!

Meta Tags Defined

According to Dictionary.com, a meta tag is a type of HTML code that gives information about a page. It does not in any way affect how a page will appear and it’s not something viewers will see (unless they’re directly looking at the page’s source code). However, it is vital in describing what a page is about, what the company does, or who made the page. In relation to SEO, a meta tag description is an ideal location for keywords. Meta tags are read by search engines when indexing the Web. read more